The beating heart of the Association is made up of its Members: they share both the objectives and the style of the organization, participate in the events by adding their own analytical point of view and, in the Assembly, share the results and future avenues to pursue.

Among its Members are producers of Industrial Valves, of their Components as well as Service Companies which contribute to the creation of the value of these products.

The Board of Directors

One of the tasks of the Board of Directors is to direct the Association’s activities, approve the applications for the admission of new members and decide on the participation of the Association in public and private bodies and institutions, appointing the representatives to be chosen from among its Members.

Organizational Secretariat

The Organizational Secretariat of the VALVEcampus Association handles all the organizational, formal and managerial aspects.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board composed of high profile international rapresentatives from different industrial, planning and academic fields- is permanent and, on the one hand, is responsabile for designing and managing the Conference for the IVS exhibition, selecting thematics treaties and in depth studies for the experts in the chemical- petrochemical and energy sectors, which feed the IVS-VALVEcampus Knowledge Platform.