International valve actuator standards: a brief presentation[R]

Author: Maurizio Brancaleoni

Company: Industrial Valve Summit Scientific Committee, President Valve Campus, President

In today’s processes, within the modern control system, DCSs,
PLCs, SCADAs, field instruments, sensors and actuators must
properly offer high degrees of performance, integration and
modularity and guarantee efficiency, reliability and fast and
easy interchangeability.
Thanks to the developments of electroinics and microprocessor
technology - even on small-sized plants – there is an increased
need to meet specifications and material requisitions based on
system architectures based on distributed systems and subsystems,
with the necessary implementation of sensors and
smart actuators, which must integrate with modern
communication and ICT technologies.
The modern control networks, used also on un-manned plants,
identify in the actuators essential components which must
integrate and properly communicate with higher hierarchies
and contribute to the safety of people, environment and capital