Bersi Serlini - Guided tour of winery with tasting

Start 2023 with a bang!!!!

When 19/01/2023 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Location Bersi Serlini Franciacorta

Starting the year off right isn't always easy, which is why the VALVEcampus Association has decided to wish you a happy start to the year by giving you a special experience under the sign of good wine combined with a visit to the cellar with quality tasting, in the heart of Franciacorta between morainic hills and stretches of water of the Torbiere Nature Reserve.


H 06.00 pmWelcome and registration
H 06.30 pmGuided tour of the production cellar and the aging cellar. Following sensory tasting, in which 3 Franciacorta are served (without revealing which wines it is), sensory aromas are presented that will be paired with the wines being tasted.
An ingenious activity, capable of making people understand the difference between toasted notes and vegetable, undergrowth, fruity notes. Whoever guesses the 3 glasses first wins.
H 08.00 pmDinner Buffet and musical entertainment.
H 11.00 pmGreetings