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A new algorythm for flow through surface choke valve in digital field calculation

Author Pierpaolo Mandolesi

Company Polytechnic of Milan, Techfem

Nation Italy

Valves' components in 316L by Additive Manufacturing: conferring revolutionary properties to conventional materials

Author Luisa Elena Mondora, Valeria Tirelli

Company Valland, Aidro

Nation Italy

The Value of Additive Manufacturing for Valve Manufacturers

Author Holger Eckholz

Company Samson

Nation Germany

Developments of an up-to-date quality standard for gland packings

Author Ralf Vogel

Company E.S.A.

Nation United Kingdom

Quadax® top entry butterfly valves with low fugitive emissions and improved cryogenic sealing technology in severe thermal cycle and endurance test

Author Patrick Hofacker

Company Mueller Quadax

Nation Germany

Fugitive Emissions: Addressing the Challenge

Author James Simpson

Company Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Italia

Nation Italy

VICTREX CT™ Polymers for more Reliable Seals in Cryogenic Conditions

Author Christian Salvatori

Company Victrex

Nation Italy

Automate the valve: the choice between automatic & electric actuators

Author Andrea Gironi, Umberto Bianchi

Company Lgm Engineering & Emerson automation solutions

Nation Italy

Recent developments in international standardization for valve actuators and gearboxes: status-of-the art and up-to-date activities at both CEN and ISO levels

Author Nicola Spreafico

Company Auma Italiana

Nation Italy

Opportunities for valve diagnostics with Ethernet in the field on positioner

Author Melanie Dürr

Company Samson

Nation Germany

Bio Water Based Liquid Penetrants For Non Destructive Testing Of Valves Quality: Key Innovations In Safety And Costs For The Valves Industry

Author Michele Cevenini

Company Ndt Italiana srl

Nation Italy

API 20 series - Upstream Supply Chain Management

Author Massimiliano Gamba

Company MP International Consultancy Ltd

Nation Italy

The future of standards

Author Alireza Aslarabi Sardroudi

Company Advisor to Iranian Ministry of Petroleum

Nation Iran

Evolution of the international demand of Industrial Valves and their Components in the medium term: the influence of strategies' changes, the energy transition and the new sustainability imposed by the pandemic scenario