Low and high temperature elastomeric sealing system for valves in harsh environments[R]

Author: Speaker: Xavier Dubreuil, author: Geoff Lewis

Company: Dupont

One of the perennial challenges facing valve manufacturers specifying perfluoroelastomer seals is the need to meet both low temperature and high temperature requirements in a single sealing solution.
Such seals often also need Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) certifications such as Norsok M710 rev 3 / ISO 23936 2 / Total GS EP PVV 142 and seal over a temperature range of 54 C to +260 C.
Back up rings are generally required to prevent even high durometer Orings extruding.
One novel solution to this problem is explored here; which relies on a perfluoroelastomer with sufficient extrusion resistance at high temperature to allow the removal of back up rings.
emoval of back up rings is shown to significantly enhance low temperature sealing performance as well as simplifying assembly, reducing part count and reducing cost.
Testing on a “state of the art” high pressure high temperature test rig at the Kalrez® European Technical Center is part of the work that will be presented in this paper.