Sharing Expertise Sitting on Both Sides of the Table[R]

Author: Bader Al-Jarallah

Company: Saudi Aramco

The last 15-year period in the Valve market environment has drastically modified the working method and the project knowledge of each supplier.
The continuous technological development of the projects’ complexity has forced all the Valve Manufacturers to pursue a continuous and progressive improvement in both the Sales and the Engineering areas.
In particular, the role of the Valve Seller repeatedly modified its traditional approach over the time: looking back to the history of sales activities, we may recall pure vendors who could sell valves without holding any specific technical knowledge.
More recently, the industrial Valve Manufacturers have evolved with the introduction of specific professional roles named “Sales Engineers”, able to dialogue with the EPC’s and End Users, and having an adequate engineering knowledge in line with the technical context.
Nowadays any Valve Manufacturer is able to fully understand the process applications and to recommend the appropriate valve design for each service offering tailor-made solutions, and especially recognizing the technical limitations connected with any valve type.

Referring to this assumption, a new role was materialized in each Sales Department, i.e.: the Business or Application Development Expert, often originating from Engineering and/or End Users and/or direct plant experience.