Aidro Hydraulics & 3D Printing is an Italian company that excels in introducing additive manufacturing alongside conventional manufacturing of valves and hydraulic components. The company was founded almost 40 years ago and the headquarters are located in the northern Italian province of Varese.

Aidro designs and manufactures a wide range of components for hydraulic systems, such as CETOP valves, hydraulic manifolds and fluid power systems. A few years ago, the company has discovered the potential of additive manufacturing, both for rapid prototyping and for functional products. Aidro has decided to invest in metal 3D printing, creating a dedicated department within the company, alongside traditional production, offering its customers innovative, customized products that benefit from the advantages of 3D printing, such as lightness, improvement of fluid-dynamics and the possibility to combine multiple parts into one. Additionally, Aidro offers training and support to other companies interested in better understanding how to design and where to use 3D printed parts.

Aidro is promoting the adoption of additive manufacturing in the valve sector, also participating in international groups for the definition of guidelines and standards in the Oil & Gas, Energy and Maritime sectors


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