Galli & Cassina, is one of the oldest Italian companies that is still active in valve design and manufacturing today.
At first Galli & Cassina’s business activities were focused on the production of valves, in order to serve the emerging domestic chemical industry.
In 1991, Galli & Cassina moved to a new location in Solaro (Milan) with larger, more modern facilities and offices. The physical nature of this move coincided with a commercial transition into the oil and gas market, the company has not looked back since.

Our roadmap starts with our Mission, which defines our purposes as a Company and represents the benchmark for our actions and decisions. “Let us think outside the box!” Create value and make the difference!
We act in order to grow, looking at the forces that will shape our business in the future, moving quickly to prepare ourselves for what will come. It is today that we have to be ready for tomorrow!
This is the reason why our technical department is always active in design study and engineering new high-performance products.

In our vision the people and the reality around us are worthy. A perfect place of work is where people are inspired to give their best. Our values guide our actions and model our behavior in the world, our integrity is authentic, we charge ourselves the responsibility about something to happen, because it is our job to let it happen. Passion engages our heart and mind, including all type of diversities. We investigate the market and listen, observe and learn.

We do have a global vision, focusing every day on the market, being insatiably curious. Having the courage to change direction when necessary, learning from the results we accomplished and from those we did not.

Inspire creativity, passion and trust!


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