IRE-OMBA is a manufacturer of hot rolled rings.

Yearly sales around 60M€, 140 people and privately owned.

IRE-OMBA is known globally for its quality without compromises; the company motto is: “Everybody makes mistakes but ours never leave the factory”.

There are two production sites, one in Bergamo and one in Seriate, with 4 rolling lines covering various weight regions (0-90 Kg with the first two lines, 70-400 with the third and 350- 7.700 Kg with the fourth one).

IRE-OMBA can handle low alloy steels, stainless, duplex & super-duplex, precipitation hardening steels and nickel based grades, such as Inconel 625 and 825.

All starting raw material (i.e.: bars) come from within Europe.

The company takes care of all manufacturing steps internally including cutting, forging, heat treatment, machining when needed, destructive and non destructive testing in a 17025 certified lab.

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