An aggregation strategy based on investments in production capacity and innovation technology, to unite and present more forcefully on global markets eight companies specialized in sealing solutions and custom-made items to drawing. This is the philosophy that underlies the birth of the Sealcore Network in 2014, predicting great market developments and opportunities ahead.

The Sealcore Network is actually a group of companies specialized in seals and finished items to drawing, which gathered in a common showcase to present a complete offer of products and services for all kind of industrial applications and sectors: Sealcore Network thus stands out in the limelight of global markets thanks to the skills of the eight realities that make it up:

  • ORINGONE: Large size and Endless O-Rings in various compounds, produced with an innovative step-molding method. ( Norsok M-710 ed. 3 approved materials available;
  • DUCI: O-Rings in a variety of compounds with numerous certificates of quality. These O-Rings range from the automotive industry to the hydraulic and food industries. ( Certified IATF 16949-2016;
  • DUEPI: Molds design and manufacturing. Injection-molding of custom-made articles in Techno-polymers and liquid silicone. 3D-printed items ( Grey room production quality;
  • FLUORTEN: PTFE and High-Performance Techno-polymers. Stock shapes and customized engineered components. ( Norsok M-710 ed. 3 and API 6A approved materials available. ISO EN9100:2009 certification for aerospace available;
  • F.LLI PARIS: Rotary Shaft Oil Seals and custom-made articles to drawing in elastomer and rubber-to-metal. (;
  • ATS Oil Seals: Special and large size rotary shaft oil seals for applications in the heavy-duty industry. ( Seals up to 2.2 m in size produced endless;
  • SLIB ITALY: Self-lubricating bushings and washers for valves and other applications in the hydraulic, energy and metal industries (
  • SEALFLUID: Engineered sealing solutions and custom seal kits for heavy-duty hydraulic and pneumatic applications. (

This aggregation starts from a singular strategy of strong investments focused on the development, the technological update and production capacity increase of each individual company. The idea behind Sealcore Network is to operate as a business network by carrying out strategic marketing activities for the benefit of all the associates, as well as the opening of warehouses and offices for local quick service and assistance in all the main international markets.

Networking with innovation

The idea behind the Sealcore Network was there since 2008, though it was really developed and stared in 2014 with the aggregation of four companies active in the sector of industrial seals, rubber parts and thermoplastic materials, partially or fully owned by the same entrepreneur. Sealcore Network is indeed like a big family, which brings together various ideas and know-how. Far more than just products. Beginning in 2014 the implementing of a shared strategy among the network associates started aiming the global markets as a single entity, thus giving greater visibility to the network companies but guaranteeing and maintaining at the same time their full autonomy and individuality in the management of directional and dedicated business.

Multiply the opportunities

Sealcore Network was therefore created to act as a common showcase for the companies gathered within it and in 2014 it began to present itself at important international events, obtaining encouraging feedback. At the first 'release', the network included only four companies, namely F.lli Paris, ATS, Duci and OringOne, while one year later in October was officialized the entry into Sealcore of Fluorten. A little later the seven-companies team-up was defined with Duepi and Slib Italy joining the idea. This was officially presented at the Hannover Messe 2015 with a formal Walking Press Conference. The process is still on the move and, hopefully, will never stop so in 2019 the new associate SealFluid joined the network.
Presenting the companies as a network of different and wide-ranging skills did generate a whole lot of attention to Sealcore and its associates, which is still growing steady after almost five years.

Investments for over 80 million

Before joining together, the present eight Sealcore Network companies did reach in 2014 a total turnover of around 111.4 million euros, employing 572 people, with 68% of the products destined for international markets. In 2019 the total turnover reached almost 146 million euros with 660 employees and over 70% of the products sold to 73 Countries all over the world. The goal for the growth of the network was intended to hit an increase of 8% of business every single year with an overview of five years. The final result in 2019 was not too far from that assumptive target and it has been achievable thanks to all the investments done in: people and training, technology and 4.0 updates, new machines and presses, new buildings and production facilities and warehouses or offices opened in the major industrialized Countries in Europe and worldwide. Currently the network has its own presence in: North America, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, China and Korea with several growing partnership in Spain, Iran and Japan.

Global network and markets

The companies today in the Sealcore Network serve all sectors of industry, from the most common to the most "difficult" ones such as aerospace where Fluorten products, for example, are certified with the EN 9100 accreditation for supplies in the space sector and defense. The companies in the Sealcore Network supply specific certified products for the food and water industry, as much as to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors where Duepi is at the forefront in the production of molds and tailor-made products in liquid silicone especially for baby-care; but also in the heavy industry from steel mills to the shipbuilding industry, in the Oil & Gas market for general demands as much as high-temperature and cryogenic applications. The range of products offered by the Sealcore network is very wide and above all it provides to the market those special articles for which having a press is not enough, but great skills and know-how are needed to produce them. Products such as OringOne's Endless O-Rings that arouse the interest of the major international competitor groups, but also the Slib Italy bushings that manage to compete with Asian productions in terms of price, guaranteeing much better quality and service, as well as the Duci standard O-Rings all produced under the IATF automotive-level certification and standardized AQL 1.0 guaranteed quality. The last division opened, SealFluid is specialized in the production of hydraulic seals especially in large diameter, from any techno-polymer with an incredible quick turn-around time. This also thanks to the two special quick delivery services which go under the names of FASTRACK and XPRESS.
The synergy and the know-how of the companies in the SEALCORE Network provide the guarantee of a Quality Made in Italy, a complete and quick service to meet the needs of the global market starting from the engineering and design of the products to the production of the molds and the finished parts for a wide range of technical applications.

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