Who we are

SELEMARK is a company specialized in the supply of instrumentation and components for the control of industrial processes.
In particular, SELEMARK carries out promotional activities, sales and technical assistance for a wide range of industrial instrumentation, designed and built by historical partners in the reference sector.
The consolidated experience allows us to deal with problems related to measures of Flow, Density, Level, Pressure, Temperature, Control, etc.

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What do we do

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Products and integrated solutions for applications in the main industrial sectors. From sensor to valve, to regulation, using resources and expertise from world-renowned partners.
Our solutions find application with numerous fluids such as Water, acid solvents, polymers, steam, hydrocarbons, gases, powders, granulates
The products supplied by SELEMARK, are in accordance with the ISO 9000 quality standards and meet the main international standards: ASME, DIN, PED, NACE, SIL, ATEX, FM, CSA, EAC, etc.


Knowing the process of our customer is our primary goal, which allows us to formulate automation proposals able to optimize the production process.
Our proposal includes:

  • Technical and application advice for the selection of the more appropriate equipment
  • Products of high quality standards that satisfy the operating needs in accordance with the main regulations.
  • Assistance for a correct installation in the field.
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Visit us to https://www.selemark.it/

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