Victrex is an innovative world leader in high performance polymer solutions, focused on the strategic markets of automotive, aerospace, energy (including manufacturing & engineering), electronics and medical. Every day, millions of people use products and applications, which contain our materials – from smart phones, aeroplanes and cars to oil and gas operations and medical devices. With over 40 years’ experience, we develop world leading solutions in PEEK and PAEK-based polymers, semi-finished and finished parts which shape future performance for our customers and our markets, and drive value for our shareholders.
Victrex has provided best-in-class solutions to energy customers for decades. With our unmatched industry and technical expertise, we can work together to design equipment that will survive and thrive in the most extreme environments. Our durable, reliable VICTREX™ PEEK polymer-based solutions can extend the scope of oil and gas exploration and optimize production efficiency in hot, corrosive environments.
From sealing systems and electrical connectors to compressor and wear ring components, VICTREX PEEK polymer can deliver reliability and extended service life in key oil and gas applications. In fact, there are over 75 million VICTREX™ PEEK seals in use today.
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